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Submitted on
April 14, 2008



Good Evening Gentlemen

Journal Entry: Mon Apr 14, 2008, 9:15 PM
  • Mood: Neutral
  • Listening to: Steven Curtis Chapman - Cinderella
  • Reading: Barron's AP U.S. History
  • Watching: There is a crocodile in my brain guys.
  • Playing: Pokemon Silver
  • Eating: Parmesan Goldfish snacks
  • Drinking: Arrowhead water
Or rather, just good evening. I'm sure not everyone is a gentleman.

So I've realized you can post pictures directly using html. Silly me.

Actually, Java seems to be running really really slowly for me right now so I didn't do this on oekaki. I used OC BUT IT FOOLED YOU DIDN'T IT? MEEENNGG! I wish you where the same age as me not 3 years older so that you and I could play DS during lunch at school and we could totally talk about Apollo Justice and Pokemon and stuff. The only kid I know who even knows what AJ is this big tall senior who's scary looking and works at gamestop.


Anyways. Some stuff.

Preparing for College because I'm stressed out about school.

Machi Tobaye the cute boy who flies with his hair because Wasil said something about Lamiroir and Machi being Batman and Robin.

Studying  or supposedly studying all last week (spring break). That's my dad. The first thing he said to me yesterday morning was about AP tests and SATs. What a way to start the day. "In my day, everyone studied and did nothing else for the college entrance exam!" Yeah dad. That was in 1980 or something. And in China, where everyone was a nerd.

Woooo I don't know. At first it was the inside of a blood vessel or esophagus or something. Until white cloud things appeared. They COULD be macrophages. Maybe.

This is life. It's kinda scary sometimes. This is baseball and kind of ridiculous. She likes baseball, really.  

This is Hester and Emily. from keroro23's webcomic Go read it. And go see her gallery too. It's yummy with AJ and such.

OOookkayy. I'm going back to study. It's all I ever do these days anyways. Except I am secretly also playing Pokemon Silver on my cute little Gameboy color from ages ago.

Au revoir or however you say it ;u;

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Oh yes, I had to wait all weekend to talk to my AJ friend. Cuz no one else has played as far...

And that cloudy red picture was purrrdy
By the way, I'm only TWO years older than you D:< RETARD.
NU UH. Well, technically, its two years and some months, but by grade, it's 3. D:

are you home??? GET ONLINE.
well, techically two and a half. so there D:
I spelled Technically wrong ;__;
keelain Apr 15, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist

I'll find an apollo justice friend for you!

well actually, the one I know goes to another school orz.
Bwuuhhh why does no one play video games anymoooree....
I like friends too. ;_;

Why must you bathe in the pool of awesome sauce by yourself?!?! Let me in! D; They make your drawings awesome. Cute cute cute.

I shall worry about SATs next year! :[

Haha, best be prepared. They can fry your brain ;3;
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